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Good day, I'm new and posting.

Hello..uh..I guess I do this...if it's okay...

 Name: SARS

Birthday: 5/23

First Poppy book: Drawing Blood

Fav Poppy Book: a tie between Drawing Blood and Exquisite Corpse

Fav Character: Trevor, Zach, Eddie, Tran, Steve, Ghost, Christian, a bunch of others...

First Encounter: I was reading some vampire history book thing in the clearence section of a bookstore and her name was there under vampire fiction....I looked her up and Drawing Blood sounded awesome. It turns out it was. :)

Compare Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite:  I have never read anything by Anne Rice actually....sad, I know.

What character reminds you of yourself the most:  Umm...maybe Trevor. Or Ghost. Or Nothing

If you could ask her any question, what would it be:  I'd probably ask her about her taste in music. ^^ She mentions jazz, Nine Inch Nails and the Bauhaus a lot, and she mentioned Skinny Puppy once. All of which I like. Either that, or I'd ask why she likes New Orleans so much.

Do you look like Poppy Z. Brite: Nope

Has anything in your life mirrored an event from a story or book: That would be interesting....Well, I've been to raves...*shrugs*

Do you know anyone like a character from a book or story: not quite, unfortunately. No one I know fits that well...not at the moment, anyway

Do you wish anything in a book or story would happen to you or anyone else:  I  really do, but at the same time I don't....bad things tend to happen to many characters in her books. lol I kind of want to meet mysterious, intelligent, dark guys though ...(there aren't many around here, sadly) and experience some weird hallucinatory trip and have it actually happen...

What would you like to see from Poppy in the future: more writings, please. :3
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