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Name: Mikey (Female, though.)

Birthday: 8/14

First Poppy Book: Exquisite Corpse

Fav Poppy Book: Exquisite Corpse

Fav Character: Tran, Zillah, Nothing, Jay, Andrew, Zach.... Come to think of it, there isn't a character I don't like.

First Encounter: I was surfing the web for books I might find interesting when I saw one described as 'Exquisite Corpse is the story of two cannibalistic serial killers in love'. (Or something along those lines.) Bought it that weekend.

Compare Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite: I haven't read that much Anne Rice. I own one of her books and it didn't hold my attention well enough.

What character reminds you of yourself the most: That's a hard one. I guess I'd say Twig and Molochai.

If you could ask her any question, what would it be: "Will you marry me?" ._.

Do you look like Poppy Z. Brite: Hm...I don't think so.

Has anything in your life mirrored an event from a story or book: I party with sexy vampires. No.

Do you know anyone like a character from a book or story: My friend = Jay. No. Seriously.

Do you wish anything in a book or story would happen to you or anyone else: To tell you the truth, I've always wanted to tour the country in a van with a bunch of vampires. (Though I would like a hippie van with giant flowers, beads, and a hundred rude bumper stickers.) 

What would you like to see from Poppy in the future: Just more kick ass stories. 

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