xandrie (nothingless) wrote in poppy_z_brite,


the bar was very dark, and decorated the same way it originally was - deep 70s browns and tans
certainly a blue collar bar
the bar maid slapped her liverspotted hand down in front of me and bellowed "what'll it be sweetcheeks"
i ordered a PBR (the cheapest thing on the beer board) and surveyed the room
a jukebox, few pool tables, booth seating - a shabby but homey joint
very... pittsburgh

after a few drinks my accomplice and myself noticed a green bottle with gold lettering behind the bar.
i'd never actually seen it before.
i asked the burly barmaid how it was usually ordered
and she poured us up two shots at a cost of $14. steep for a dive bar.

the taste was... strange.
like nothing i'd ever tasted before. like fresh green plants and flowers and... soup. like lipton instant soup.
i enjoyed it very much.

i've since moved from pittsburgh to northwest florida. i live 4hrs from new orleans and i haven't visited yet.
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