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I'm New!

Hi everyone - I'm not new to LJ, but new to this community. Lots of people seem to have filled out the questionaire, so I thought I'd give it a shot (I just lurk in a lot of places usually. Which isn't really the point of being at LJ, but I'm lame about posting outside my own LJ, shoot me). I found Poppy Z. Brite's books (and this community) through the Queer as Folk fandom, where I write slash (and the ladies outnumber me about eight quadzillion to one).

Name: Alex
Birthday: March 17, 1983
First Poppy Book: Lost Souls
Fav Poppy Book: Lost Souls, Drawing Blood is a close second
Fav Character: Zach in DB, probably Nothing in LS. Hard to choose, actually.

First Encounter: I wrote a lengthier 2-part vampire fanfic, and a girl on my F-list recommended "Lost Souls". Since she gave it rave reviews and her reading tastes are similar to mine, I ordered the book and was hooked immediately.

Compare Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite: Poppy Z. Brite's writing is, IMO, more contemporary and fresh, she incorporates new ideas into vampire fiction. Anne Rice - while she is a great author in her own right - sticks closer to the more traditional lore. And Poppy Z. Brite dares to write what Anne Rice barely hints at.

What character reminds you of yourself the most: Ghost.

If you could ask her any question, what would it be: Laine in Lost Souls - WHY? And was it fun to rip my heart out and stick it in a high-speed blender?

Do you look like Poppy Z Brite: No, I'm a guy, I look nothing like Poppy Z. Brite. :D
Has anything in your life mirrored an event in a book or story: Sure, that's why I read a lot, it's a respite from the histrionics of RL. :P

Do you know anyone like a character from a book or story: Ghost and Nothing both sound like guys I'd hang out with.

Do you wish anything in a book or story would happen to you or anyone else: Nope, things are great just the way they are.

What would you like to see from Poppy in the future: A sequel to Lost Souls with the resurrection of Zillah; I thought that Zillah/Nothing thing she had going in LS was totally hot.
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